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Latest News

TYAD Media Corp is working closely with entertainment-based property development company, Holden Media Development, to design and build properties for the media group and its entities.

Welcome to TYAD Media Corp

image TYAD Media Corp (TM Corp) is a multi-media entertainment conglomerate, which consists of: nine genre specific record labels; a film company (movie studios coming soon); production (recording studios); concert promotions; corporate events; in-house advertising; publicity; new media; worldwide distribution; merchandise and manufacturing.

image 2-time Grammy-nominated recording artist, Shea Chambers and Xeneca Music, is making preparations to begin recording a new follow-up album to "Shea". Working with Shea to support her in the studio, national releases, video production and tour support will be Tom Gorman, President at Xeneca Music, Kenny Bereal, President at N-fluence Music, Judy Klein, President at AMFIE, and Raymond McGlamery, President at TYAD ALIVE!. Xeneca Music is the pop label at TYAD Music Group (TMG). The current entire Pop/R&B/Jazz collection titled "Shea" is available in digital stores globally, including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Verizon, through our TYAD Music Group Distribution (TMGD).

Who We Are

image Formed in 1988, TYAD Records began as a small-indie label to promote the music of then recording artist/producer, Jerry Holden, and the numerous acts he was producing. Named after his sons Tyler Holden (now 36) and Adam Holden (now 39), the elder Holden, developed the label by adding numerous labels to create TYAD Music Group (TMG). Now after developing the company even more, TYAD Media Corp (TM Corp) was developed in 2008.

What We Do

image TM Corp's Executives, which make up CEO Jerry Holden's advisory board, are working to continue building their teams, along with building on the visions each of them share with the original TYAD vision.