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TYAD Raw wants to create its own signature in the world of entertainment-based distribution. Since its inception in 2008, the group, under the leadership of president Jeff Summers, has been building its infrastructure - beginning with its executives and company policies. TYAD Raw has the distinct responsibility of handling all photography duties for music artists from TYAD Music Group, all films/movies at TYAD Pictures Studios, merchandise from What If... Merchandising, concert tours/performances from TYAD ALIVE!, events through TM Total Events, and product from The AMFIE.

Jeff Summer, President

image Jeff is a seasoned photographer of many subjects including fashion, portraits, sports, weddings, families, concerts, advertising, real estate and special events. For over 25 years he has crafted his vision and style by taking a multi-faceted approach to photography by incorporating his technical experience with his innovative artistic interpretation. Summers has contributed to local media, pictures he has taken have appeared on websites, CD covers and has been commissioned for several commercial projects. He has also photographed up and coming stars, such as American Idol contestants and political figures like former president Bill Clinton. Some of Hollywood's finest have also been seen through Summers' camera including a photo shoot for the likes of Katie Holmes (Actress) and "live" photographs of Michael Winslow (Actor/Comedian).

Suumers, a businessman from Toledo, Ohio has traveled across the states including one of his favorite places, Los Angeles, California. Jeff is a digital artist with a knowing eye. As technology and times have evolved so has Jeff's technique and style. And he brings those talents to TM Corp through TYAD Raw to oversee all visual stills of the group’s music, films, concerts and events.

If you would like to hire Jeff or any of his team at TYAD Raw for an occasion, please email them at CONTACT TYAD RAW
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