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Early in 2009, Jerry Holden developed to new companies to work in concert with TM Corp. 3-Media Entertainment Group (3-MEG), which is now part of the TYAD Pictures Entertainment Group family, consists of film, animation, television, and talent management. Holden Media Development (HMD) is an entertainment-based property development company, which will be responsible for designing and building properties for TM Corp, along with properties for the group itself. New developments from both of Holden's conglomerates are coming soon.

Jerry Holden

image Jerry Holden's vision for TYAD Media Corp (TM Corp) mirrors his own experiences in the music and entertainment industries. In forty years, he has done it all, from performing {including work as a session drummer for high-profile music labels} and writing to recording and producing. To complete the picture, Holden has hands-on knowledge and experience of radio promotions, marketing, new media, and publicity.

In 1988, Jerry developed TYAD Records, an independent record label, to further his career as a musician, songwriter, and producer, in collaboration with a myriad of other artists. Holden's goal was to gain the attention of "The Big Eight" (now reduced to "The Big Four") in order to affect a joint venture. A member of BMI as a writer, producer, publisher, Holden produced artists in the genres of pop, rock, R&B and country. Through his contacts at the majors, Holden reached out to local and regional radio stations to "test" his artists' marketability and to create a "buzz" around them. The harsh reality was, however, that the majors essentially owned the air space, which restricted stations' freedom to feature the music of independent artists.

Placing his artists' music in local and regional record stores proved to be equally challenging for Holden, given the majors' control of that medium, too. The only way to gain access to the stores was through "consignment deals", which have very minimal promotional support from the stores, and which are virtually unrecognized by SoundScan, the industry's ratings aggregator.

In March of 2000, Holden and TYAD Records went to 3,800 deejays with a single entitled "Da Southern Zone." In a matter of weeks, reports were released that the single gained airplay in over 5,000 nightclubs in the US, London, Germany, Japan, and Australia. In addition, the single was charting as high as #11 on regional, national, and international dance music polls.

By 2004, after having turned down offers from the majors to come under their wing, Holden decided to embark on his vision of creating TYAD Music Group (TMG), a new major unbound by the traditional ways of doing business. He immediately began collaborating with other like-minded individuals in the industry to create each of the businesses that would comprise the total TMG vision.

By 2008, Jerry again began collaborating with other like-minded individuals in numerous industries to create TYAD Media Corp Inc (TM Corp), encompassing numerous industries including, music, film, animation, television, talent management, production (recording studios), concert promotions, corporate events, in-house advertising, publicity, new media, worldwide distribution, merchandise and manufacturing. Also in 2008, Holden wanted to expand on his vision even further, so he created a property development/real estate acquisition company, Holden Media Development Inc (HMD), which is responsible for designing and building the numerous entertainment-based properties for TM Corp and HMD itself.
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