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Latest News

When Jerry Holden decided to create Holden Media Development, his thoughts were to have two completely separate conglomerates, which will work independently of each other, but at the same time work in concert with each other. more...

TM Corp's Affiliates

image Holden Media Development - Holden Media Development (HMD) is a real estate and property development group that will be responsible for acquiring and developing office buildings, manufacturing buildings, and movie studio soundstages for TYAD Media Corp; multiplex movie theatres; casinos; luxury hotels, and live-music venues including nightclubs, arenas, and stadiums.

Label News

image TYAD Music Group (TMG) COO, Thomas Gorman, creates new country label, Tall Town Records (TTR), and places current country label, Hey Y'all Records, as an imprint under TTR.

Gorman also creates TMG International (TMGI) - a music group, which will house International record labels around the world. The heads of both divisions, who will soon be named, will report to TM Corp's CEO Jerry Holden, along with Thomas himself.

Company News

image TYAD ALIVE!, Concert, Sports, and Events Promotions division for TM Corp, and headed up by industry vet Raymond McGlamery, will manage and/or program venues consisting of: small and large clubs; theatres; arenas, and stadiums, along with promoting acts in and outside of the TYAD Music Group system, and will create its own ticket purchasing system, which will benefit all artists/talent, fans, and consumers. The group plans to house its main offices in Austin, with additional offices in Glendale/Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Detroit, Nashville, New York, and Atlanta.