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TM Corp's Companies/Divisions

image TYAD Music Group - Music and entertainment entity and the parent company to nine genre-specific record labels, TMG International, and TMG Music Publishing. TMG's music labels, and music publishing division are headed by leaders in the music, production, promotions and marketing communities.

image TYAD Pictures Entertainment Group - TYAD Pictures Entertainment Group is home to TYAD Pictures Studios; 3-Media Pictures Studios; Milam Animation Studios and 3-Mediavision Television Studios. At the helm is president, Shea Chambers, Steven Ritchie, Sr. VP at TYAD Pictures Studios, Kevin Carraway, Sr. VP at 3-Media Pictures Studios and Eric Senis, Sr. VP at 3-Mediavision Studios.

image TYAD ALIVE! - TYAD ALIVE! is a Concert, Sports and Events Promotions group, under the leadership of industry veteran, Raymond McGlamery.

image TM Corp Distribution - TM Corp Distribution (TMCD) is the entertainment-based distribution division, under the leadership of record label and industry veteran Eric Purvis.

image The AMFIE - The AMFIE [All Media For International Entertainment] is a multi-platform media, video gaming systems, and marketing division, under the direction of industry exec veteran, Judy Klein.

image TM Total Events - TM Total Events, is a full-service events group, under the direction of events industry veteran Rachel Ferguson.

image Thrive Audio - Thrive Audio, the recording studio/production arm of TYAD Music Group (TMG), under the direction of renown musician, studio engineer and producer, Olivier Roulon.

image TYAD Raw - TYAD Raw is a photography and visual properties division, under the leadership of Jeff Summers.

image Whatever Music - Whatever Music is a pop-genre music label, headed by legendary record exec, Tom Gorman.

image N-fluence Music - N-fluence Music is an urban music label, headed up by music producer/manager veteran, Kenny Bereal.

image Karnal Music - Karnal Music is an rock/alternative music label, headed up by record label exec veteran, Kim Langbecker."

image Hey Y'all Music - Hey Y'all Music is a country imprint for Tall Town Music, headed up by Denise Desgain and Lee Dietrich.

image Soar Music - Soar Music is a Latin music label, headed up by record label exec veteran, Javier Willis.

image Steppin' Music - Steppin' Music is a multi-jazz music label, headed up by legendary saxophonist/producer, Cal Bennett."

image The Beat Music - The Beat Music (soon to be renamed TAEB Music) is a dance, EDM, house, techno, trance music label, headed up by record label exec veteran, Kavion "KG" Griffith.

image UpsideDown Entertainment - UpsideDown Entertainment is TMG's multi-genre comedy label.